Nelsonville Music Festival

June 2-5, 2016 In Nelsonville, Ohio

Kids Activities

A big thanks goes out to the Federal Hocking High School Art and Drama Clubs for helping us out in the kids area at the Nelsonville Music Festival! Each year NMF hosts a huge kids area, below are some of the events we had at the 2015 festival, check back closer to NMF16 to see what we have planned!



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All Ages (Community) Activities:
Carnival Cutout Photo Project- Anytime during the festival!
Become a part of the excitement by uploading your pictures taken with Federal Hocking art classes’ and painter, Tracy Duncan’s carnival cutouts found all around the festival grounds. Step right up and become a mermaid, or be a part of Frank’s Freak Show! 
Photo Booth- 10am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 4pm
Props provided or bring your own. Participate in the NMF community media gathering project. Upload your images and become part of a daily online photo montage. There will be nightly screenings of media collection. More information will be available on site. 
Postcards from NMF- 10am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until evening
Participate in our random postcards of kindness project. Take an address, leave an address. Write to performers, friends, strangers, or politicians. Send a postcard to Stuart's Opera House!  Your creation is considered art the moment it leaves your hand. Anyone that touches your postcard or even glances at it becomes part of the experience. Postcards are the original social media. 
Parade Wish Dragon- 10am Friday, Saturday until 4pm
The FH Art Club Alumni Dragon Head will become the Wish Dragon for Saturday’s Parade. Everyone is invited to cut out a scale and write a wish on it, then attach it to the dragon tail. Alumni decorate the head, construct, and manipulate the beast onsite for all to behold. Let your wish travel with the rest!
Kid’s and Teen’s Activities:
Flags, Costumes, Parade Puppets, and Masks- 10am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 4pm
Flags, wands, tutus, masks and crowns will be created with reused materials to suit up kids who come to the festival. Preschool teachers from Sycamore Run ECC and Federal Hocking art and drama club volunteers will assist children to transform themselves for Saturday’s big parade and for Sunday’s festivities. On Friday, we will focus on a prepping a large dragon tail for the parade on Saturday.  Kid costume making for the parade will be open on Saturday and Sunday kids can make masks or get their faces painted. Stations open at 10 am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, until 4pm or, whenever we run out of materials.
Reflection Space- Noon-4pm Thursday, Friday+Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday 10am-4pm
Visit the journaling, listening, reviewing, planning, imagining, zoning, feeling, breathing, reading, drawing, writing, creating, texting, sharing, telling, and enjoying the space, space. Practice mindfulness.
Youth and Adult Yoga with Renee Ripple- Saturday, 10:30 and 2:30
Kids…Do you like to move like an animal and play games? Act out stories with your body? Come and play! Teens/ Adults... Come work out the kinks in your bodies and stretch. This beginner yoga class will work on connecting the breath with movement. We will do some flow, balances, power poses and restore.
Zero Waste for Kids Workshop with Rural Action- Sat @ 1:30ish
Songwriting and Harmonica Workshops with Todd Burg- S.W. Sat 1-3; H.W. Sun @ noon
Clothespin Doll Making Workshop with FH Art Club- Sunday @ 2
Drama Games and Storytelling with FH Drama Club- Fri. 12+2+4 Sat, 12+2+4, and Sun @4
Night time Activities- Once it is good and dark the fire twirling will begin Friday and Saturday
Once the sun goes down, look for our fire twirlers, Kiah and Miranda to gather you for our evening activities. After this fabulous spectacle, find a spot and a bit of popcorn and settle in front of our mini theater to screen the day’s footage from the photo booth, carnival cutouts, and postcards, to share with everyone. Then, Federal Hocking’s Drama Troupe will lead us into storytelling activities including local legends from the Hocking Hills and story swapping. Come with your flashlights for games in the grass, too.
Federal Hocking
Federal Hocking Art and Drama Clubs are thrilled to be part of NMF for the 8th time.  Students from these clubs have been busy preparing signs and carnival cut-outs, painting masks and dragon parts, organizing kits and rehearsing skits.  At the festival, these kids, ages 14 to 18, power the kid’s area, leading fun activities including games, face painting, and the photo booth. When the sun goes down, our fire-twirler will be followed by a screening of each day’s mixed media collections and storytelling. For more information about our district’s unique programs and opportunities for youth, please visit us at 
Sycamore Run
The staff of Sycamore Run Early Childhood Center,, has enjoyed providing creative activities for children at the Nelsonville Music Festival for the last seven years! We offer costume and mask making, parade flag decorating, healthy snacks and all day water and sand play!
Tracy Duncan
Tracy Duncan is an Athens, Ohio painter and illustrator. You can see her work at and on 
Special thanks to Third Sun Solar and to Doug Brooks for providing transportation services! 


• FREE ADMISSION to the Nelsonville Music Festival for all children 12 and under
• No more than 4 children in the festival or any campsite per one supervising adult, UNDER 18.

Nelsonville Music Festival made possible with support from: