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Quilt, Steve Gunn, Paul Geremia, and 6 Ohio Acts Added!

We have another round of Nelsonville Music Festival lineup additions! Quilt, Steve Gunn, and Paul Geremia all join the lineup along with 6 more great Ohio acts including WV White, Total Blam Blams, Supernobody, Chri ... SEE ALL

Shovels & Rope, Kurt Vile, Valerie June, and 8 more added to 2014 NMF + Single Day Tickets on sale!

Stuart's Opera House presents the 10th Music Festival on May 29-June 1, 2014 at Robbins Crossing on the campus of Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio. This year's lineup already features The Avett Brothers (Saturda ... SEE ALL

Dinosaur Jr, Head & The Heart, Jason Isbell, Frank Turner, and more added to 2014 NMF

We have another round of lineup announcements for the 2014 Nelsonville Music Festival! Joining the lineup are rock legends Dinosaur Jr., Americana upstarts The Head and The Heart, acclaimed songwriter Jason Isbell, ... SEE ALL

Kids Activities

The 2014 Nelsonville Music Festival has plenty of great activities for kids! Check back for much more information on our Kids Activities at this year's festival.

A big thanks goes out to the Federal Hocking High School Art and Drama Clubs for helping us out in the kids area at the Nelsonville Music Festival!

Last years kids activities included...

Big Mural
Geared toward ages 7ish to 111ish. FH art students of all ages worked with AIR Chris Monday to create the composition of this year's 8'x16' mural inspired by Maurice Sendak and Max to ... “Let the wild rumpus start!”. Volunteers work with festival goers to complete the mural over the weekend at the festival. Hours of operation: Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm and 7:30pm to 9pm, and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

amanda_nmf2012_parade.jpgKid's Mural
We will create another kid's mural just like last year on a smaller more “free flowing” mural designed to be completed over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Children and parents are invited to work with volunteers to paint an already determined design. Note: We will use house paint for this. Hours of operation: Friday 10am to 4pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday10am to 6pm.

Costume Making/Parade Puppets and Flags
Masks, painted faces, wands,and tutus will be created with reused materials to suit up all kids who come to the festival. Preschool teachers from Sycamore Run ECC and FH art and drama club volunteers will assist children to transform themselves for Saturday's big 6:30pm parade rally and for Sunday's festivities. On Friday participants will assist in constructing large puppets and flags for the parade on Saturday. Costume making is open from 10am to 8pm Friday, 10am to 6pm Saturday, and 10am to 6pm on Sunday.

Instrument Making
Focusing again on reusing materials kid's can create music making devices to add their magic to the musical festivities, including Saturday's parade. Preschool teachers from Sycamore Run ECC and FH art and drama club volunteers will assist kids to make an instrument. Back by popular demand are, bell bracelets! We will also make can clankers and hose horns. Instrument making will happen at 1pm Saturday and 4 to 6pm on Sunday.

Dragon Puppet
We will create another humongous dragon puppet to perform at Saturday's big parade! Kids are invited to help create parts of the body of the dragon by painting material for the serpent body as well as painting scales with recycled cardboard in the kid's art section from 10am to 4pm Friday and Saturday. Note: We will use house paint for this. All are invited to watch the dragon come to life as artist Jordan Furner and her assistants transform a chicken wire base into The Cosmic Dragon. This project will begin Friday at 10am and all parts will be created by 4pm on Saturday. Then, from 4 to 6 Jordan and her crew will assemble the giant for the parade. Kids are invited to assist in animating the creature for the parade; just come to the pep rally at 6pm on Saturday.

This year, we will add another player to our parade, Mothman! Creative team Kelly Crowe and Sierra Cell will work together to construct a fabulous set of wings to recreate the local legend to attend our parade.

RanDome: Geodesic Art Shelter
Geodesic = geo (earth) + des (dissect) + ic (pertaining to)
Literally speaking "geodesic" means "earth dividing"
The Nelsonville music festival commissioned art faculty Rachel Clark, and a team of art students from Ohio University Lancaster and Federal Hocking High School, to create an intuitive geodesic dome shelter, that was patented by inventor Dick Fischbeck as the “RanDome.” Dick spent years studying Buckminster Fuller's theories and designs. R. Buckminster Fuller spent much of the early 20th Century looking for ways to improve human shelter “ in order to help make the Earth's finite resources meet the needs of all humanity without disrupting the ecological processes of the planet."

Youth Yoga with Renee Ripple
Kids...Do you like to move like an animal and play games? Act out stories with your body?  Come and play!
Teens...This beginner hatha yoga class will work on connecting the breath with movement. We will do some stretches, balances, power poses and restore. We will also do some partner yoga poses.

Kid's Performances (not necessarily performed by kids)
Puppet Theater with Saraquoia
Parade- Everyone involved!!!!! Saturday at 6:30pm
Fire Twirling
FH Drama Club Story Telling- "Local and Traditional Ghost Stories" (After Fire Twirling)

Kid's Workshops
Yoga and Yoga Games with Renee
FH Drama Club Games
Science with Kris and Drea
Movement with Cory and Jes
Storytelling with Holly and Jess
Hula hoops and bubbles
Parade Pep Rally
Nightime flashlight activities





Federal Hocking High School:
Federal Hocking's Fine Arts clubs have provided activities for the Kid's Area at the festival for the last six years. Ellen Hadley, art teacher, and her Art Club students have planned, prepped and manned art making and musical instrument making stations at the festival which include murals, puppets and floats for a parade. Our Drama Club, led by Ann Cell, has planned and provided drama activities and night time ghost story telling for children, too. Besides working all volunteer stations during the four day festival these students spend months in advance planning and prepping the mural, art project materials, and drama games and performances for the big weekend. All participating students look forward to this project which provides them with a fabulous experience promoting creativity in the community and volunteer hours to add to their senior graduation portfolios.

Sycamore Run:
The staff of Sycamore Run Early Childhood Center ( enjoyed providing creative activities for children at the Nelsonville Music Festival for the last five years! We offer art projects, costume and instrument making, snacks, stories and music, and a safe space for children aged 2-12 who attend the festival. 

Chris Monday:
Chris Monday is a comic/mixed media/performance artist and co-founder of Flying Weevil Productions, a small press publisher/mixed medi

a production company whose goal it is to promote not only art, but also, and perhaps more importantly, fairness, equality, and love. 

Rachel Clark:
Painter and educator at Ohio University Lancaster. 
Her exhibition record includes solo and juried exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Recent international highlights include: an invitational exhibition at Geh8 Kunstraum, Dresden, Germany, and co-directing an Ohio University study abroad program in Kecskemet, Hungary.



• FREE ADMISSION to the Nelsonville Music Festival for all children 12 and under
• No more than 4 children in the festival or any campsite per one supervising adult, UNDER 18.




Nelsonville Music Festival made possible with support from:

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